Royal SMIT Transformers, Nijmegen – The Netherlands

In by Bever Innovations Marketing


In the factory of Royal SMIT Transformers, they have been building power transformers and secondary installations for customer all over the world for the last 100 years. In order to guarantee optimum quality, it is important for work to be carried out in a safe, clean and well-lit working environment, explains Harry Jansses, production Technologist at Royal SMIT Transformers. “Some time ago, we were forced to change the light fittings, because the light levels on the work floor were too low. However, the distributor of them did not have the capacity, so we were faced with the choice: invest in the existing installation or switch to LED. We chose the latter.”

In the existing coil-winding facility, the LED fittings installed were supplied by a third party, who unfortunately, did not live up to expectations, he explains. “Very soon after installation, the first LEDs started to break down.

The daylight controls also left something to be desired, because the fittings had to be controlled separately. That’s why we started to look for an alternative solution with a proven quality, which we found in the Bever Innovations Luci Series Industry LED light fittings, all of the functionality in which is smartly integrated.”

In de bestaande Wikkelarij werden LED-armaturen van een derde partij gemonteerd, die helaas niet aan de verwachting voldeden, vertelt hij. “Al kort na de inbedrijfstelling gingen de eerste LED’s kapot. Bovendien lieten de daglichtregelingen te wensen over, omdat de armaturen hiervoor apart moesten worden ingeregeld. Daarom zijn we op zoek gegaan naar een alternatieve oplossing met een bewezen kwaliteit, die we vonden in de Bever Innovations Luci Series Industry LED-armaturen, waarin alle functionaliteiten slim zijn geïntegreerd.”


“Following the installations in the Coil Winding Facility, we have also recently fitted three newly refurbished hall sections with our intelligent LED lighting, in a balanced lighting plan” says Jeroen de Jonge, sales Director at Bever Innovations Industrial.
“When someone enters the hall, the light fittings switch on automatically up to a pre-determined level, taking into account the room temperature and the applicable health and safety standards. Thanks to the colour fidelity of the light, components can be easily distinguished from each other, as a result of which, employees can work better and more safely. Thanks to a link to our EOS network functionality, the LED light fittings automatically create a standalone, wireless network, which can be easily accessed and managed via an app on your smartphone or tablet.”

Uniform light levels on the work floor

Specific requirements were imposed on the lighting for Royal SMIT Transformers, says De Jonge. Especially in relation to the light levels (500 lux) in the high halls, which had to be achieved at any time of day. “The lighting also has to be resistant to the extreme conditions under which the transformers are tested in the factory. Challenges which our EOS light fittings are easily able to meet.” More important to the project however, was the reliability of the light fittings, he explains. “When the temperature of the LEDs on the print plate rises above 80˚C, the LIPS engages automatically. The print plate is also constantly checked for short circuits, voltage peaks and temperature excesses. A Light Normalizer continuously measures reductions in light output and, if necessary, automatically compensates for them.”


Reliable safety: The light fittings are constantly checked for voltage peaks, short circuits and temperature excesses.

Even light levels: Due to the colour fidelity of the light, components can be easily distinguished from each other.

Extreme conditions: The light fittings are perfectly resistant to the extreme conditions under which the transformers are tested in the factory.