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LED area illumination

Almost every industrial company in the Netherlands has an outside area that requires adequate lighting. This is necessary not just to ensure visibility and security around parking spaces, traffic lanes and footpaths, but also to ensure that traffic flows and loading and unloading processes in loading docks and shipping areas can be carried out effectively 24/7. In addition, good (dynamic) lighting discourages unwanted visitors…

To light their outdoor areas, many industrial companies still use large, heavy 1000 W SON-T or HPI luminaires. However, the ballasts and replacement lamps for these luminaires are increasingly difficult to obtain, and in some cases are even prohibited. In addition, these light sources are expensive, must be replaced regularly and consume a great deal of energy. Now that energy savings and reducing CO2 emissions are occupying an increasingly prominent place on the agenda, more and more companies are choosing to replace their luminaires. The LS Ambiente outdoor luminaires from Bever Innovations combine the best characteristics of the LS LED luminaires (perfect light levels, high quality, considerable energy savings) with an attractive design.

Simple installation, long lifespan

The LS Ambiente outdoor luminaires can be installed easily on your (lamp)posts, on the façade or on your roof, and have a cast aluminium casing that guarantees optimal water-tightness. Tough environments such as salty sea air, extremely high or low temperatures and dust have no effect whatsoever on the condition of the luminaires. With a lifespan of > 100,000 operating hours, you can enjoy many years of trouble-free operation from your outdoor lighting.

Choice of various optics, wattages and light colours

The outdoor lighting from Bever Innovations is available in various optics. In addition, users can choose from 20, 25 or 40 LEDs, with colour temperatures of 3000, 4000 or 5700 Kelvin, which means a perfect, appropriate lighting solution is available for every part of your outdoor area.

Optimum protection

The LS Ambiente fixtures makes use of advanced LED technologies. If the temperature of the LEDs on the PCB exceeds 80˚C, the LIPS is activated automatically: the Luminaire Intelligent Protection System, which ensures that the outdoor lighting dims automatically. This protects the luminaire optimally, and avoids any reduction to the stated lifespan. What’s more, every segment of the circuit board is continuously checked for voltage spikes, short circuits and temperature breaches. The luminaires are also fitted with a Light Normaliser, which continuously monitors potential drops in light levels, which – if present – are automatically compensated.

Part of a stand-alone, wireless lighting network

from Bever Innovations consists of elements including a control PCB and a specially-developed internal antenna, which is built into the luminaires smartly and invisibly. The luminaires on your site can subsequently be connected together using plug-and-play functionality. This allows any existing infrastructure to be retained as much as possible.

No expensive (additional) underground cabling is required for the (dynamic) switching and control of the luminaires. Fitting a power supply at the base of the (lamp)post is sufficient. After installation, the LED luminaires automatically form a standalone, wireless network. They not only exchange information with one another 24/7, but also pass this on to other Bever products on the site. These include the LS LED luminaires and Cubiq luminaires. While the Ambiente luminaires do not have their own movement or daylight sensors, they can make use of the sensor data from other LED products, thanks to the Smart network. Moreover, it is possible to connect separate daylight and motion sensors to the luminaires. Wireless connections to automatic barriers, panic buttons and/or evacuation alarms are also possible, which ensures optimal visibility and security on your site.

No light pollution

Via the Bever app on your smartphone or tablet, settings including the light levels can be adjusted easily. In addition, it is possible to automatically dim the LS Ambiente outdoor luminaires at night, for example, to avoid light pollution/light nuisance in the surrounding area.

‘Network completeness’

By analysing the stored data from the luminaires, network completeness and 100% predictive maintenance are possible. Using the app on their smartphone or tablet, building users can view the status of their (lighting) products, energy consumption and any faults 24/7, which means that luminaires no longer require regular physical inspection. This saves a great deal of time. In addition, managers can easily see the savings that have already been made thanks to the switch to LS Ambiente LED area illumination


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