Every production environment, warehouse or office building has a lighting need. Standard lighting is insufficient. Bever Innovations is aware of this. With our high-end intelligent LED-products we offer the best, personalised lighting solution for your specific application.

BRABANTHALLEN “ While stands are being built up, all the LED fittings switch on directly and independently as soon as motion is detected. Stand builders have as such, optimal work light as and when necessary". BEN BROEKMEULEN - HEAD TECHNICAL MAINTENANCE - BRABANTHALLEN 'S-HERTOGENBOSCH - THE NETHERLANDS grolsch JOHN KALMA - HEAD TECHNICAL SERVICE, GROLSCH, THE NETHERLANDS “The Bever Innovations LED fitting has been successful at Shell stations for some time. An excellent reference, that convinced us". KLOOSTERBOER “When a space is entered, the lighting automatically switches on to prevent light settings, taking into account the temperature and applicable standards. Thermal shock and voltage peaks are in the past."


To become an expert in LED-products, is not simple. As Bever Innovations, we are aware of this and gladly support you with a solution to suit your requirements. Future compliant, sustainable, dynamic and suits your budget. Whether your project concerns a cold storage freezer, warehouse, production facility, event hall or outside terrace.

Our Luci Series Industry LED-fittings are originally developed for application in petrol stations, among which are Shell, Esso and BP, and continue to distinguish themselves by exceptionally high quality, longevity and optimal energy efficiency, at a competitive, market related price. The fittings are exceptionally suitable for both extremely high or low temperatures (-30 ºC to +60 ºC), extreme humidity, dust or pollution, fluctuating temperature zones, different ceiling heights, difficult to reach places and/or deviating lighting needs per zone.

With twenty years of experience and a significant 100.000 installations worldwide, we have become the lighting specialists for industrial businesses.


From three local social workplaces in the Netherlands, more than 200 people are involved at various levels in the production and assembly of LED products. 




Our intelligent LED-fittings are easily linked together and connected to other business systems without extra cables. The intelligent lighting supports increased productivity, welfare, safety and efficiency. And saves you up to 90% on your energy costs as well.

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To become more knowledgeable about LED products and possibilities is often no walk in the park. Do you now choose standard HID LED fittings, with additional sensors or do you invest in cream of the crop fittings, and a sustainable future? Bever Innovation is are aware of this question and supports you in working on a solution that fits your requirements perfectly. Innovative, simple, suitable and confirm your budget. Whether your project involves a warehouse, cold storage, production hall, office space or parking lot.

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