luci series industry


Very suited to extreme conditions

The Luci Series LED luminaires were originally developed to Shell global specifications for use in the global petroleum retail market, and are very suited to everything from tropical to arctic conditions. The casing is completely dust-tight and water-tight (IP67). It also includes thermal protection. A special venting plug in the LED luminaire equalises differences in air pressure. This pressure-compensating Goretex membrane also ensures that moisture/condensation caused by temperature differences can escape the luminaire, but cannot enter.

Broad applications

Several years ago, the Luci series LED luminaire was also made specifically suitable for use in industry:

  • multiple optics
  • light colours (from 3000/4000 to 5700 Kelvin)
  • sensors
  • software options

RGB luminaires were also added. These permit better visibility in dark and/or dusty environments.

All electronic components in the Luci Series Industry LED luminaires are encased in a specific potting compound, which eliminates problems with vibrations and prevents the ingress of dust and moisture.


(BRC Global Standard / International Food Standard (IFS))
The Luci Series Industry LED luminaires can be sealed as required using a specific, food-grade sealant. Special food-grade caps and recessed fitting frames are also available. The Luci luminaires are guaranteed to be impact resistant, splinter free, free of glass and constructed from easy-to-clean materials, which means they fully comply with the International Food Standard (IFS) and HACCP guidelines.

High quality, long lifespan

The high-quality LED luminaires guarantee a long lifespan of > 100,000 operating hours, without loss of light. If the temperature of the LED board exceeds 80˚C, the LIPS is activated automatically: the Luminaire Intelligent Protection System, which ensures that the lamp dims automatically. What’s more, every segment of the circuit board is continuously checked for voltage spikes, temperature breaches and short circuits. The luminaires are also fitted with a Light Normaliser, which continuously monitors potential drops in light levels, which – if present – are automatically compensated.

Easy installation

Because every industrial environment is different, the designers at Bever Innovations can prepare a tailor-made lighting plan for you. This lighting plan takes maximum account of the existing lighting points, which means little or no modifications to the infrastructure are required. All luminaires can be installed easily using our “Click & Lock” installation system. This may be done by an experienced installer or in-house.