SMART Input Bridge​

Smart Digital Input Bridge with five inputs

The Digital Input bridge allows you to use up to five inputs to trigger behaviors from any system that has outputs. This allows you for instance to trigger presence when a motorized fence is opened, go to full power when an alarm system is triggered, connect a clock module to automate a dimming schedule or use a detection loop wire with your Bever products. The limitless possibilities of the Smart network are available and compatible with this easy to install DIN unit.

  • Five digital inputs
  • DIN Rail standard size (2U), easily integrated into meter/switch cupboard.
  • Status LED in sight
  • Powered via DIN-rail power supply
  • Available in IP65 box with transparent front

User ready solutions with integrated Input Bridge

The Smart Time Switch Bridge is an easily configurable ASTRO clock connected to a Smart Digital Input Bridge. Configuring the Clock could not be easier as it uses NFC and Bluetooth to connect with the “Save‘n Carry” app on your mobile device. Here you can set switching times on each of its two outputs and then you can set the Smart behavior response in the Bridge configuration. This allows you to set automated DIM schedules and helps you define exemptions, such as holidays or late-night shifts well in advance.
Single input bridge

SMART Single input bridge

Smart Digital Input Bridge with one input in IP65 housing​

The Smart Single Input Bridge is the solution for any situation that calls to easily connect a third digital device to the Smart network. Just like with the Input Bridge the input is used to trigger behaviors in the Smart network, but this comes with a compact, easy to mount IP66 housing and integrated power supply.

  • Use digital signal from external device in Bever Smart network
  • Easily added to digital device
  • Water resistant (IP66) with M8 connector
  • Interpret as Presence, Level or Scene

SMART Output Bridge​

Smart Digital Output Bridge with two outputs

The Smart Output Bridge allows you to switch the main power of any device using input from the Smart network. This allows you to for instance to turn on a ventilation system based on presence detected by the Smart luminaires, use presence/daylight detection on Smart luminaires to turn off third party luminaires or even to set a coffeepot to start as soon as the first staffmember enters the breakroom.

  • Two x automatic 230v NO/NC switch (max. 5A per channel)
  • DIN Rail standard size (2U), easily integrated into meter/switch cupboard.
  • Status LED in sight
  • Powered via #17290 DIN-rail power supply
  • Available in IP65 box with transparent front
  • Smart-Bridge-Digital Output


User ready solutions with integrated Output Bridge:

This ready to install solution allows you to wire any luminaire through this IP65 housing and program automated switching of two powerlines. This pairs very well with one or more Smart Motion Sensors to wirelessly trigger the switches based on presence detection.

SMART Motion Sensor

SMART Motion Bridge with extra large PIR in IP65 housing

The easiest way to detect presence, even when there is no line of sight with your SMART luminaires is by adding the SMART Motion Sensor. Just connect it to an available power line and it will wirelessly report to the SMART network. The IP67 housing and powerful PIR make this a very reliable way to make sure your presence is always correctly detected.

  • Extra large PIR (range: 15m)
  • Easy to mount using two screws
  • Status LED integrated in PIR
  • Integrated power supply
  • IP67

SMART Bridge​ DALI Control gear​

Smart Bridge to send or receive DALI instructions

Do you already have DALI based controls in your plant or do you want to use DALI luminaires in conjunction with Smart luminaires? The Digital Lighting Bridge will help you keep DALI units in perfect sync with the Smart network. Using the new D4i standard you can even get feedback out of the DALI network from compatible third party luminaires such as reported power consumption, luminaire temperatures, motion detections and more.

  • Support for multiple group addresses in DALI
  • Easy to install
  • READY for D4i

SMART Internet Bridge​

Smart Internet Bridge with Cellular modem

The Smart Internet Bridge lets you access your Smart network from anywhere through the internet. Using our Bever Smart Connected web-portal you can set advanced monitoring options to notify you of any unexpected changes, lets you automate testing and reporting of Smart Emergency Lighting Luminaires, monitor wireless Smart communications, get advanced statistics, create heatmaps and visualisations, set Smart schedules and even change luminaire settings from afar.

  • RJ45 Ethernet Port to connect to the internet
  • RJ45 Port as ethernet-bridge
  • Status LED in plain sight
  • 4G cellular modem
  • USB host port for storage connection
  • Micro USB client port for maintenance
  • RS485/RS422 com-ports
  • Smart-Bridge-Internet Full option (85-264VAC, IP65) - includes 2 years Bever Dashboard service-fee

User ready solutions with integrated Internet Bridge:

This easy to install solution lets you add the Internet Bridge from a place where power is available. With spare cable glands to connect internet cables or RS485/RS422 communication to or from the device you can make sure the solution is water and dust resistant (IP65). If a local internet connection is unavailable or heavily managed, the integrated 4G cellular modem is a way to ensure a reliable connection to the internet.