Safe and hygenic lighting

From abatoirs to mixing of powders and/or meal preparation: in the food processing industry there are strict regulations regarding hygene and safety. Requirements where
Bever Innovations fits in perfectly with their LS LED fittings.
Not only do our fittings resist extreme environmental factors excellently, such as extremely high and low temperatures (-30 ºC to +60 ºC), humidity, fluctuating temperature zones or places with difficult access, but also able to withstand vibrations from machinery without developing problems.
The fittings are guaranteed impact resistant, splashproof, splinter proof (shatterproof) and easy to clean.
A specially designed diffusor cover ensures that no dirt can get into the fittings or that their parts loosen and pollute the production process.
We thereby comply to the strict HACCP-guidelines and standards of the International Food Standard (IFS), without compromising on optimal visibility, light quality and safety on the production floor.

Our LS LED-fittings give a guaranteed optimal light quality and output, with more than 100 000 light hours. The result thereof, is that periodical replacement and large maintenance is no longer required, which is ideal in environments where production is carried out 24/7. Thanks the Bever app connection, all the light fixtures connect through an automatic and wireless network, and can be controlled by an app on a tablet or smartphone where it can be accessed, tuned and managed.
Dynamic light scenarios based on activity and daylight hereby ensures predictable energy savings up to <90%.




Lighting your storage or manufacturing facility

Every storage and manufacturing environment has their own lighting needs. One standard lighting solution is not sufficient. Bever Innovations knows this. With our high-end, intelligent LED products, we offer the best, personalised lighting solution for your business, processes and employees. No challenge is beyond reach, where we also offer the unique possibilities to test our LED products in practice. Because seeing, is believing.

Do you recognise any of the following situations?

  • Large spaces; Intensive use of only one or a few areas?
  • Current fluorescent light sources offer energy savings but the light output decreases over time. HID light sources need to be replaced periodically, which not only costs time, but also a lot of money.
  • Daylight-dependent lighting application is not possible with your (conventional) lighting, but it is a big wish.
  • The condition of emergency lighting needs to be regularly checked and battery packs need to be regularly replaced.

With the LS LED fixures, Bever Innovations presents a solution for extreme environmental conditions, where efficiency, productivity, health and safety go hand-in-hand. Our LS fittings are excellent for use in extreme conditions with different temperature zones (-30 ºC to +60 ºC), as well as dusty and humid environments and places with difficult access. All LS Industrial LED fittings include a  PIR motion sensor. As soon as movement is detected, the fittings automatically switch on to a pre-determined light level, taking into account the room temperature, level of day lighyt and the applicaple working environment standards.

At which point, surrounding fittings are also activated. Thermal shock is in the past, as well as voltage peaks. At which point, if desired, surrounding luminaires can also be activated. Thermal shocks are a thing of the past, as well as voltage peaks.


Temperature controlled storages


Lighting solutions for temperature controlled storages.

Cold stores often have great challenges concerning lighting. Extreme conditions, in which high or low temperatures (-30C to +60C), humidity, dust or pollution, but also fluctuating temperature zones, different ceiling heights, difficult to access places, and/or differing lighting needs per zone, require high demands from light fixtures, to which they are not always resistant.

Do you recognise the following situations?

  • On your large floor space, only limited personnel/ activity is present.
  • The startup time of your current gas discharge lighting is long.
  • Your gas discharge lighting is workable, but uses more energy in the cold environment.
  • Fluorescence offers savings, but the light output is decreased by the cold.
  • internalized warmth of fittings must be cooled down, which leads to higher energy costs.
  • Only 2% of the energy is converted into the light, the rest is lost.

With the LS LED fittings, Bever Innovations presents a solution for extreme environmental conditions, where efficiency, productivity, health and safety go hand-in-hand with the best LED lighting in every workplace. Our LS LED fittings are excellently designed for use in extreme conditions, such as different temperature zones (-30 ºC to +60 ºC), as well as dusty and humid conditions and places with difficult accessibility. All LS LED fittings are fitted standard with a PIR motion sensor. As soon as movement is detected, the fittings automatically switch on to a predetermined setting, keeping account of surrounding temperature, daylight settings and applicable standards. At which point, surrounding fittings are also activated. Thermal shock is in the past, as well as voltage peaks.




Dynamic lighting for exhibition environments

In Event halls, often high standards are set for light levels, the dynamics of which must be achieved. Our LS LED fittings play the optimal part in this. The fittings are not only dimmable by percentage, but also adjust their light output independently according to present daylight. All lights form part of a wireless network, communicating via Bever Smart Technology configured with the Bever app. The fittings form one group within the network and relay information from the surrounding lights to eachother.

Without a connection to the Internet, but - via the Bridge - fixtures are linked to a physical switch to turm all Smart luminaires at the same time (with a fixed light level).

When trade fairs are built up, all LED luminaires switch on immediately and stand-alone as soon as they detect movement, so that stand builders have optimal working light. When there is no movement, the lamps will automatically dim back to 0%.

At events, groups of lights can be simply selected and set to operate at different light levels, for optimal illumination of stands and walkways. All thanks to our Smart Bridge, which is directly connected to the control room where the lighting can be centrally managed and controlled. The removal and/or expansion of luminaires during events is therefore no longer relevant.


Parking areas & Outside terrain


Safely (un)loading, even at night

Cold storage and freezer rooms, exhibition centers, shipping companies, and manufacturing businesses often have to deal with plenty of heavy traffic. Trucks load and despatch daily, throughout the day as well as in the evening and nightly hours. Good perimeter and area lighting are then indispensable, to prevent accidents. The specialists from Bever Innovations are pleased to advise you, with a light plan that suits your requirements. Without an internet connection. When a fixture sensor detects movement, the lighting automatically switches on to a pre-determined light setting, in account with daylight levels.

For outdoor terrains, we offer diverse solutions, whereby dynamic connections are possible. For example, based on your opening hours or on movement, a simple connection can be made to your access gate, surveillance or camera system. Additional sensors and/or pulling of cables is not necessary with this: all intelligence is integrated into our LS LED fittings. In addition to this, the fittings comply to the highest class of quality and are highly resistant to (salt)water and wind, up to a height of 18 meters

The connected fittings form part of an automatic and independent, wireless network, which can be simply managed through the Bever application. The fittings act as one within the network and relay information about the surrounding lights to each other.

Thereby, other connected lights are also activated. Thanks to the intelligent lighting, you can save <90% of energy costs, relative to conventional lighting installations, while the light quality and safety is always at its best. Via the Bever app, technicians can see, at any moment of the day, the actual performance and usage statistics of the LS LED fittings. Should one fitting unexpectedly fail, then a notification is received by the managing  personnel, whereby fast and efficient action can be undertaken. Hereby t the safety of the personnel and suppliers is guaranteed at all times.



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