luci series industry


The lighting only switches on if you are present

All Luci Series Industry LED luminaires are fitted with a PIR movement sensor as standard. As soon as movement is detected, the luminaires automatically switch to a predetermined light level, which takes account of the temperature in the space, the daylight level and the applicable health & safety standards. If desired, any surrounding luminaires can also be activated.

Easy (remote) maintenance

In addition, all luminaires are fitted with the intelligent Smart technology from Bever Innovations. After installation, the luminaires automatically form a stand-alone network, which can be easily accessed and managed via the EOS Manager app on your smartphone or tablet – even remotely. This offers efficiency, productivity, security and comfort benefits to your organisation. These include wireless connections to your intrusion detection, fire and building management systems, and the possibility of analysing data from the system. In addition, this data analysis allows 100% predictive maintenance to be carried out.

Production in the Netherlands

The production of the Luci Series Industry LED luminaires takes place in two social workshops in the province of Zeeland. Here, Bever Innovations has created a stimulating environment for people with physical or mental disabilities, as well as greater employment opportunities for people experiencing barriers in the labour market. By maintaining all production in the Netherlands, we also maintain maximum control of our production, and can guarantee short delivery times and high quality.