is an innovator in the LED lighting industry. We have been developing, producing and supplying intelligent LED lighting solutions ever since we were founded in 1996. For indoor and outdoor solutions, as well as the retail fuel market, industry and the horticulture sector. Our team consistently manages to get the very best out of the LED technology. We are continuously setting new standards by realising major improvements in our performance. This not only results in ground-breaking innovations, but also improves our competitive position and offers added value to our customers. And all this without compromising our social values. The production and assembly of our LED products takes place at two sheltered workshops in the Dutch province of Zeeland. We personally manage everything during the design and procurement processes. In addition, production is subject to continuous supervision, which helps to ensure the very highest quality.

Extreme environmental factors, like very high or low temperatures, air humidity, dust and/or difficult to reach places, can make it very challenging to create an effective lighting plan. Because how do you make sure the best possible work lighting is realised every hour of the day? Flexibly and quickly, without high energy costs? Bever Innovations is able to offer a solution for your precise needs and circumstances, irrespective of whether your location is a storage area, cool storage/freezing warehouse, production hall, office building or an outdoor terrain. And an interface with our Smart technology enables easier (remote) management and helps to improve efficiency, productivity and safety within your company.

Our core values:

Reliable and involved
Solution-oriented and service-driven
Long term vision with market knowledge
Corporate Social Responsibility
Innovative power and a proactive approach


Bever Innovations Industrial stands for the best quality Dutch LED-lighting solutions. It results in the lowest Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), in line with Corporate Social Responsibility (MVO) and environment.  Our team always knows how to get the best out of LED-technology. We continue pushing our limits with performance improvements, resulting in a more competitive postion and increased added value to the end client. Bever Innovations focuses day and night on situations where extreme environmental factors play a role and/or where elements range freely,including very high or low temperatures (-30 ºC to +60 ºC),  humidity, dirt and pollution, but also fluctuating temperature zones, different ceiling heights, places with difficult access and/or diverse and differing lighting needs per zone. Bever Innovations supplies their products in particular to warehouses, cold storage, manufacturing facilities, office space, outside and parking lots, but will also not turn away other unique situations, where we are keen to lend a hand.


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