smart technology


smart technology

Today, in 2020, around 26 billion devices are connected to the internet globally. This includes not just computers, smartphones and tablets, but also refrigerators, televisions, lamps, HVAC systems, toothbrushes and waste bins, which are connected together and can communicate with their users via the Internet of Things. Thanks to Bever Innovations' Smart Technology network functionality, this option is now also available for the Bever CubiQ, Ambiente and Luci Series LED luminaires, which can now be monitored and managed even better as a result.

Smart, invisible, built-in electronics

All LED products from Bever Innovations are supplied with Smart Technology as standard. This in-house development from Bever Innovations consists of elements including a control circuit board on the PCB and a specially-developed internal antenna, which is built into the luminaires smartly and invisibly. These luminaires can subsequently be connected together in your work areas using plug-and-play functionality. This allows any existing infrastructure to be retained as much as possible. After installation, the LED luminaires automatically form a standalone, wireless network. They exchange information 24/7 without the need for an internet connection, and without the need to address or program them beforehand. As well as information about movements, the daylight levels and temperatures are also shared. This allows smart increasing and decreasing of the light level. This means that optimal visibility, security and energy-efficiency go hand in hand. It also creates opportunities to improve the comfort, security, efficiency and productivity within your organisation.

As well as luminaires, Smart Technology is also integrated into other devices from Bever Innovations. Links to third-party systems are also possible, depending on your wishes.

Scalable network

Users of Smart Technology are not limited to a minimum or maximum number of Bever LED luminaires. The system is simple, flexible and limitlessly scalable, and is fully adaptable to your situation and needs.

Secure connection

To guarantee optimal communication between Bever LED luminaires, Bever Innovations has developed a special communication protocol. This not only facilitates a direct connection between the LED luminaires and an authorised smartphone and/or tablet, but also allows communication across wide distances. Because all data from the LED luminaires is encrypted as standard, optimal security is also guaranteed. Unauthorised users cannot read the data collected from the luminaires, and cannot alter any settings. Because our Smart Technology is a stand-alone protocol, disruptions to the WiFi network and/or other systems are not possible.

Sensor sharing makes dynamic lighting control possible

Because all Smart luminaires are connected together (wirelessly), they can also use each other's sensor information. When the integrated movement sensor in a specific luminaire detects movement on the site or in a space, the connected luminaires also automatically turn up to a predetermined light level. This occurs dynamically without the need for employee intervention, which ensures optimum security.

Considerable time savings

Thanks to Smart Technology, the LED luminaires from Bever Innovations at your location and in your office spaces, production areas, warehouses, refrigeration and deep-freeze units can easily be configured and managed using the Bever Innovations EOS Manager app on an authorised smartphone or tablet. Users can choose from an extensive range of configuration options, either for individual luminaires or groups, which allows a great deal of time to be saved. Missing and/or “forgetting” certain areas and/or settings is no longer possible, which guarantees even lighting and optimal visibility in all locations.

Immediate fault reports

If a luminaire should nevertheless develop a fault, this is reported immediately. This allows appropriate action to be taken. However, earlier signals are also shown. For example, the operating temperatures of all critical luminaire components are monitored 24/7. If the temperature exceeds a critical limit, this is immediately shown in the app. This allows predictive maintenance.

24/7 insight

The LED luminaires from Bever Innovations can be set up quickly and easily using a special app. In addition, building users can view the status of their (lighting) products, energy consumption and any faults, adjust the light level of their luminaires and (de)activate daylight and movement sensors locally in the app 24/7.

Remote maintenance

To allow remote maintenance, managers and – if desired – the maintenance service or maintenance contractors have also recently been given the capability to log in to the Bever Innovations web portal from any location. This allows the intelligent lighting products at all authorised business locations to be accessed, monitored and managed easily.

All that is required to allow remote maintenance is the installation of a single Bever Connected Bridge (gateway) with an internet connection at each business location. This Bever Connected Bridge connects wirelessly to all Smart lighting systems at your business location. The data from the LED products is shared 24/7 via the network, and is shown in the Bever Innovations personal web portal: EOS Connected. This means that maintenance and service engineers no longer need to visit the physical business locations to monitor the status of their (lighting) products, the energy consumption and any faults.

Smart Technology from Bever Innovations was introduced in 2014 and is being continuously developed with a view to simplifying the configuration and management of Bever LED products even further.


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