Luci Series Industry

The Luci Series Industry LED luminaries are suitable for use in extreme conditions, like zones with various temperatures (-30° to +60°C), as well as dusty and moist environments and areas that are difficult to access, where working at elevation must be avoided for safety reasons. All luminaries are easy to install thanks to our ‘Click & Lock’ assembly system. This can be done by an experienced engineer or in-house.

Luci Series RGB

Keen to be able to flexibly adjust the atmosphere and shades of light in your rooms? And yet experience all the benefits of LED, such as long lifespan, low energy consumption, minimal heat emission and optimum resistance to shocks, vibrations, dust and moisture? Then meet the Luci Series RGB LED luminaries! This innovative RGB lighting features red, green and blue LEDs incorporated into a single, robust housing, enabling any RGB colour to be mixed at any time.

Luci Series Ambiente

Having well-lit buildings and car parks without dark corners will make your staff and visitors feel welcome and safe.
The Ambiente provides an energy-efficient LED lighting solution with excellent light levels at low energy consumption.

LED Contour Illumination

Add powerful visual features to your premises in your corporate colours and enhance the visibility of your company using LED contour lighting. These turnkey, waterproof tubes are fully ready for installation. Choosing this LED product will enable you to swiftly create a welcoming contour. Additional benefits include extremely low energy consumption and even lower maintenance costs.

LED Interior Illumination

The Luci Series Silver LED spot creates an aesthetically appealing environment. Its high colour rendering index (CRI) of 95 will improve your staff’s well-being and boost productivity. The LED luminaries have a long lifespan and will save you in excess of 80% on your energy costs.

Luci Series Minthe

Simply replace the fluorescent lights in your dropped ceiling with Minthe LED panels. Save on your energy consumption and considerably increase the lifespan of your office lighting. The LED panels come in two sizes: 60 x 60 cm and 120 x 30 cm.

Smart Lighing Solutions

Luminaries can be easily connected to our Smart network functionality to automatically create a standalone wireless network, which can be accessed and managed via an app on your authorised tablet(s) or smartphone(s).
Each luminary operates like a hub within the network, and automatically relays information to the surrounding lights. Safety is further improved because no Internet connection is required.
An EOS Bridge makes integrating other systems into the interconnected network straightforward. Various bridge products are available which can be integrated using your own control and/or analysis product. Use sensors or perform actions with these systems within your network. This closed lighting network helps to create unprecedented opportunities for improving well-being, safety, efficiency and productivity in your organisation. To this end we offer various Smart packages, which can easily be expanded in a step-by-step manner in accordance with your specific needs and wishes.


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