Roba Metals, IJsselstein, The Netherlands

In by Bever Innovations Marketing



Roba Metals BV in IJsselstein is a specialist in the supply and recycling of metal products and has ‘a passion for metal’. ‘We supply steel, non-ferrous and stainless steel/aluminium (processed or otherwise), from stock or to order, from nine sites in the Netherlands and abroad to across the globe. And customers can come to us for recycling too’, says Head of Technical Service Michel Wanders. ‘We were looking for a good LED solution for our site in IJsselstein, where we renovated the production hall’s roof. We found that solution at Bever Innovations.’

‘We met at the LED Expo’, says Jeroen de Jonge, Sales Director at Bever Innovations Industrial. ‘We got talking there and examined Roba Metals’ wishes. As is the case with most manufacturers, a high light quality of light was the priority. People are on their feet in the production hall for eight to 10 hours a day, mainly carrying out work that requires attention to visible details. Which makes a high quality light level crucial to ensure optimum visibility as well as to enable safe working. Our intelligent Luci Series Industry LED luminaries are pre-eminently well suited to this. Controlling such aspects as lighting level, light intensity and daylight/motion sensors is simple with the control pad and EOS Manager.

Test set-up

‘Jeroen de Jonge’s story appealed to us’, says Wanders. ‘Not only due to the lighting concept, but also because Bever Innovations is a technical innovator that contributes its ideas and provides good service.’ Bever Innovations proposed testing the lighting before proceeding with the assignment. De Jonge: ‘We drew up a lighting plan with over 20 Classic luminaries and installed a test set-up on the existing roof of hall B, optimizing where necessary. For the lamps over the CTL line we designed and produced diffuser caps to prevent glare from the stainless steel.’

Following a successful trial period, the old roof was replaced with a new one featuring three rows of LED luminaries in March 2016. As the supplier, Bever Innovations was closely involved in this process. De Jonge: ‘We drew up the lighting plan and contributed our thoughts on the assembly. Because the roof had a pitch of four to six degrees, we also developed a bespoke structure from which to suspend the lamps.’ Wanders: ‘The end result exceeded expectations. We managed to achieve the desired lighting level with just a few LED luminaries. In hall B the lamps are burning at 40% lower than their maximum capacity, enabling us to save energy and have sufficient margins if our light requirements change.’



EOS technology

Subsequent to hall B, halls C (recycling) and D (warehouse, order-picking) were fitted with LEDs too. Bever Innovations’ EOS technology was selected for these halls, says De Jonge. ‘The luminaries switch on quickly and section by section to a preset light level as soon as workers enter the area, after which they automatically dim once more. The upshot is optimum safety as well as savings on energy of up to 90%.’


Dynamic lighting concept: Controlling such aspects as lighting level, light intensity and daylight/motion sensors is simple with the control pad and EOS Manager.

High-quality lighting level: The LED luminaries provide optimal visibility and enable safe working.

Flexible: Adjusting the lighting to any changes in the production line is very easy.