Kloosterboer, Vlissingen – Velsen – Harlingen – IJmuiden

In by Bever Innovations Marketing


Logistics provider Kloosterboer is very keen on sustainability. “This includes the installation of wind turbines and solar panels and by building new cold stores and freezers in line with the BREEAM requirements”, says CEO Hans Kroes. “Step-by-step, we are also fitting all Kloosterboer locations with energy efficient LED lighting in a balanced lighting plan.” These include the freezers and despatch areas in Vlissingen, Velsen, Harlingen and IJmuiden, for which Reveb is supplying Luci Series Industry LED fittings, including an intelligent monitoring system.

Intelligent lighting

The new lighting is only on when there is someone present, “A huge improvement compared to the old situation, in which all lighting is on fully from opening time to closing time”, explains Jeroen de Jonge, Sales Director at Reveb. “Even in the cold stores, where the heat given off by the lights has to be constantly compensated for. This is a huge cost item, but necessary in view of the lighting choices available at the time, namely that the warming-up and cooling time of the light fixtures was too long to enable intelligent control.” It’s very different now. “When someone enters a room, the lighting switches on automatically up to a pre-determined level, taking into account the room temperature AND the applicable health and safety standards. Thermal shocks and peaks in voltage on the network are a thing of the past. It also delivers huge savings in energy costs.”

Optimisation of business processes

In addition to all internal lighting, the lighting around the premises in IJmuiden and Velsen has ben converted to LED, whereby use is made of patented, wireless EOS technology. “All EOS external lighting fixtures automatically form a wireless network, which can be accessed and managed via an app on your smartphone or tablet. Also remotely. This offers opportunities for improving efficiency, productivity, safety and well-being within the company”, says De Jonge. “By making connections to alarm, fire and building management systems, but also by analysing system data. For instance, routing bottlenecks can be identified by analysing the movement detected by lighting fixtures.

The Trawler quay in IJmuiden – where vessels are loaded and unloaded – has been fitted with an EOS trigger by Reveb. “With one press on the wireless lighting button on the wall, the entire quay can be fully illuminated, which considerably facilitates operations. When work is complete, the lighting dims back to the pre-programmed dusk-till-dawn protocol, which takes into account the sunrise and sunset”, explains De Jonge. “We have also fitted the premises in Velsen and IJmuiden with blue LED light lines, in accordance with Kloosterboer’s corporate style.”


Energy saving: This intelligent lighting can save up to 90% in energy costs compared to the old situation.

Intelligent control: The fittings control not only according to presence, but also maintain temperatures and operating hours.

Simple to manage: All EOS lighting fixtures automatically form a wireless network, which can be accessed and managed via an app on your smartphone or tablet.