Damen Schelde Naval Shipbuilding NV, Vlissingen, The Netherlands

In by Bever Innovations Marketing

“The fixtures increase safety, efficiency and productivity”

At its location in Vlissingen-Oost, Damen Schelde Naval Shipbuilding BV (DSNS) builds ships for marine operations. Since 1970, a wide variety of production facilities have been constructed, measuring some 200 x 40 x 35 metres. “Enormous halls, where lighting is often switched on even when it is not required”, says Yard Facilities Manager Frans Voermans. This is a really significant cost, which is increased further when many fittings appear to require replacement.

The reasons DSNS investigated alternative solutions, alongside energy consumption, was to achieve the most effective light yield on the floor and at a height of 15 metres, a 10-year warranty and a favourable EPC rating. Various lighting specialists were invited to fit test lighting fixtures in the halls. The 145 Watt Luci Series Industry LED-fixtures from Bever performed very positively, according to Voermans. “Due to the light quality, the intelligent control system and the service, together with Bever Innovations’ efforts in terms of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

Lighting is only on ‘if you are present’

“What is special about this lighting plan is that ‘the light is only on if you are present’”, explains Jeroen de Jonge, Sales Director of Bever Innovations Industrial. “All of the lights automatically form a wireless network. When a sensor on one of the lights detects movement, the lighting switches on automatically to a pre-set light level, taking into account the daylight level. Linked lights are then also activated.”
This intelligent lighting can save up to 90% in energy costs compared to the old situation, whilst preserving light quality and safety.

Intelligent control

The EOS fittings automatically form a stand-alone, wireless network, which can be easily contacted and managed via the EOS Manager app. Each fixture operates like a hub within the network, and exchanges information with the surrounding lamps. Without the need to connect to the internet. “This provides options which increase safety, efficiency and productivity within the company”, says de Jonge. “At DSNS, there are also wireless connections to the evacuation alarm and the fire safety system. In the event of emergencies, all of the lighting switches on at full capacity, to enable a swift and safe evacuation. For the security guards who do their rounds in the evening, EOS triggers have been installed which light up the routes on request.”

The lighting plan takes maximum account of existing lighting points. Special mounting plates and brackets have been developed for solid attachment, on which DSNS plug-and-play can connect the fixtures easily.



Energy saving: The LED lighting is only on when and where it is needed.

Savings in time and labour: The LEDs last considerably longer than the old mercury discharge lights, which saves on the cost of maintenance and replacement.

More even light spread: The intelligent fixtures adjust light output according to the sunlight entering building, which creates a more even spread of light.