Amels (Damen), Vlissingen, The Netherlands

In by Bever Innovations Marketing


Amels has been building world-class superyachts on the former Scheldeterrein site in Vlissingen since 2001. To this end, the company (which is part of Damen) has a site spanning 12 hectares and encompassing production halls, dry docks and hangars, as well as a large car park and helicopter field, which were recently fitted with sustainable LED site lighting.

It was necessary to replace the perimeter lighting because the old gas-discharge lamps were extremely dated and failing frequently. ‘Moreover, the light output was inadequate, meaning we had dark, unsafe corners’, says Kees Maas, Manager Space & Environment at Royal Schelde Group (KSG), which manages Damen’s real estate in Vlissingen. ‘What’s more, switching to LED lighting enabled us to make considerable savings on our energy costs.’

Salt water-resistant and reliable

In order to ensure an unequivocal image on Amels’ site and prevent the frustration of white and orange light mixing, we decided to deal with all the perimeter lighting in one go’, explains Maas. ‘To get the best result, we got in touch with Delmeco Raadgevend Ingenieursbureau B.V., who summarized our wishes and requirements in a set of specifications.’ Due to Amels’ location right by the sea, demonstrably salt water-resistant luminaries were recommended, he says. Furthermore, stringent requirements were set in terms of reliability, light output as well as control of the luminaries. ‘To ward off cowboys in the market, we looked for a local, transparent supplier with proven technologies. We found that supplier in Zierikzee-based Bever Innovations Industrial, who also replaced the indoor lighting at our Vlissingen East site in 2017. In order to investigate the sustainability and durability of the site lighting, we payed a visit to the social workshop in Terneuzen, where Bever Innovations has its luminaries assembled.’

Easy to control

In the lead up to the replacement work, Bever Innovations was able to fit a new car park with LED lighting. ‘We supplied and installed a total of 108 Ambiente luminaries, in a variety of optics/beam angles with capacities ranging from 22 to 180 Watts’, says Jeroen de Jonge, Sales Director at Bever Innovations Industrial. ‘All luminaries come with our intelligent EOS technology. Engaging with and controlling the luminaries is easily done by means of an app on a smartphone or tablet. Adjusting such variables as the light intensity is straightforward, making it possible to prevent light pollution/light nuisance for local residents. If KSG wishes to link the site lighting up to the activation of the barriers, emergency button or evacuation alarm in the future, then we’ll have no problems taking care of this thanks to EOS.’

No light loss

With the Ambiente luminaries, thermal shocks and voltage spikes on the grid are a thing of the past, says De Jonge. ‘If the temperature of the LED board exceeds 80˚C, the Luminary Intelligent Protection System will automatically be activated to dim the luminaries. In addition, the luminaries feature a Light Normalizer that continuously measures reductions in light output and, if necessary, automatically compensates for them. The upshot is no light loss during the 100,000 burning hours.

In addition to the Ambiente luminaries, Bever Innovations Industrial also supplied several Luci Series Industry LED luminaries in specific optics, which illuminate the logos on the façade.