Antonio Municz Company, Vlissingen, The Netherlands

In by Bever Innovations Marketing


In recent years the Vlissingen East harbour area has expanded to become a reputable food port, with storage and transshipment of such things as fruit, fruit juices and fruit concentrates. A prominent factor in this expansion has been the arrival of the Antonio Municz Company (AMC), a Spanish producer and supplier of many millions of litres of fruit juices and health smoothies to almost all major European supermarkets. Since 2013 AMC has been occupying a production site on Denemarkenweg, for which Bever Innovations and its Belgian partner Vensol BVBA designed, supplied and installed a unique lighting solution.
Which was no mean feat, says Marnick Blom, Account Manager at Bever Innovations, because each hall in the production facility had different light output requirements. Furthermore, the financial aspect played a significant role too. ‘AMC Group ended up choosing a unique solution, with the Luci Series LED luminaries that we developed being supplied by electrical installer Vensol BVBA as the best option for light output, longevity and cost price over the entire life cycle. What’s more, our Luci luminaries made compliance with stringent food safety requirements straightforward. Upon approval from AMC Group, we immediately set to work installing in excess of 200 luminaries. The result soon proved to be impressive.’

Engineering and installation

Due to the meticulously calculated positioning of the luminaries in the light study and the light colour obtained by the Luci Series luminaries (5700 Kelvin, cool daylight), the impression of dark, artificial lighting was completely eradicated, explains Blom. ‘With the aid of our Luci luminaries, Vensol BVBA succeeded in creating an atmosphere of daylight in a closed production room. A fine performance, and one that end customer AMC Group is delighted with. Knowing that this end customer is also making considerable savings with this energy-efficient, motion-controlled lighting is what made this project so enjoyable for all parties involved.’

Unique leasing formula

A variety of options were put forward for the 24/7 production facility during the tendering phase. This entailed weighing up traditional gas discharge luminaries against the easy-to-programme, motion-controlled LED lighting luminaries from Bever Innovations. ‘We provided a file containing a readily comprehensible overview of the Total Cost of Ownership of both lighting options’, says Kris Decraene, Business Manager Vensol BVBA. ‘In addition, together with partner De Lage Landen (a 100% subsidiary of Rabobank) we devised a unique leasing formula for the LED lighting with a four-year repayment period, meaning AMC Group didn’t have to make an upfront investment. Combined with the high degree of reliability and long lifespan (> 100,000 burning hours) of the Luci Series LED luminaries, AMC Group were convinced.’

Considerable savings

‘Compared to traditional gas discharge luminaries, AMC Group is making savings on its energy bills of at least 80%. Without light output and quality being diminished’, explains Decraene. ‘Since completion in 2013 there hasn’t been a single fault. Not only is AMC Group delighted with this, but it has also led to various follow-up assignments.’ For example, two years after the completion in Vlissingen there came an order for a similar AMC Group production site in Spain, where the existing relighting solution was not up to expectations, he says. ‘A year on we were given the task of supplying the LED lighting in a new factory in Vlissingen, which was built on the same site on Denemarkenweg. Additionally, a third factory is planned for 2018, and we’ll be supplying Luci luminaries for that.’


Energy saving: The Luci Series LED luminaries enable considerable savings on energy of 80%.

Long lifespan: The Luci Series LED luminaries distinguish themselves by means of their longevity (> 100,000 burning hours) without light output and quality being diminished.

Ecological footprint: The LED lighting solutions are an excellent choice for projects in which limiting ecological footprint plays a role.