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Outdoor lighting

Outdoor lighting is used for many purposes, such as creating a safe environment on parking lots or petrol stations, or making the exterior of a public building more attractive. In any case, of course, the lighting has to be qualitative and durable. Do you want to receive a proper and bespoke led lighting solution for your environment? Then the Bever Innovations team is happy to provide you with complete service. Discover our intelligent products and advanced lighting solutions!

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Outdoor lighting with modern features

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If you have, for example, a petrol station or motorway restaurant, outdoor lighting is indispensable. Your visitors have to feel safe and your area and building have to be attractive from a distance, both at day and night time. We are pleased to advise you and come up with a light plan that meets your requirements in your specific industry. The dynamic functions of our led products, which do not require internet connection, enable you to adjust your outdoor lighting according to your preferences. Our lighting system also has a sensor that detects movement and lets the lighting automatically switch on to a pre-determined light setting. This is a great benefit when you require lighting for your parking lot.

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For various outdoor or indoor lighting solutions, such as stadium or office led lighting, Bever Innovations has the right services and products available for you. Please give us a call at +31(0)111 74 54 00 or send an email to info@beverinnovations.com and enquire after the possibilities.