Frigolanda, Dongen, The Netherlands

In by Bever Innovations Marketing


Frigolanda has been specializing in the storage and distribution of climate-controlled foods for many years now. The cooling and freezing site in Dongen is home to such activities as unloading, storing and loading products for the Aldi and Lidl supermarkets. For quite some time the products and processes were lit by 211 SON-T gas discharge lamps, which emanated an orangey glow, which was far from ideal for the visibility, workability and safety in the rooms. The Luci Series Industry LED luminaries changed all this.

‘During a conference held by Nekovri (Netherlands Association of Cold Stores) in 2013, I met Hans van Leeuwen, CEO of the Frigolanda Cold Logistics Group, who asked us to take stock of the situation in Dongen’, says Jeroen de Jonge, Sales Director at Reveb.

‘A first draft of the lighting plan followed, subsequent to which we installed a test set-up in two frequently used corridors. Two days later we got the go-ahead to do the entire site.’ Reveb organized the lighting plan on the basis of optics, such that the light would always be at the right level and end up in the right places, he explains. ‘The basic light level is set to 50 lux. If somebody is working, then the light level will automatically brighten to between 200 (corridors) and 300 lux (logistics rooms), and then automatically dim again once the areas are unoccupied.

The colour rendering in the cold store has been improved from CRI 25 to CRI 85+ and the colour temperature (CCT) from 2000K (orange) to 4000K (bright white), thereby guaranteeing good visibility, reliable safety and optimal working light.’

Fresh image, high-quality lighting level

The assignment in Dongen ran in parallel with a visit from an American company keen to use refrigeration and freezer units from Frigolanda for the purposes of goods storage. ‘To this end, the rooms needed to satisfy specific requirements, which our Classic luminaries tied in with perfectly’, says De Jonge. ‘Consider in this regard such factors as a fresh, deluxe image, high-quality lighting level and minimal energy consumption. Our lighting—which is only on if you are present—enabled huge savings to be made on energy. Frigolanda recouped the investment in just 1.6 years! In addition, at least 60% fewer luminaries were installed than was the case in the old situation.’

Extreme temperatures

The 88 Luci Series Industry LED luminaries were produced, delivered, fitted and commissioned in only a fortnight. Reveb supplied the system in March 2014, before going on to supply lighting for Frigolanda’s sites in Oosterhout and Beuningen. ‘The most significant challenge during the implementation was the cold’, says De Jonge. ‘With an average temperature of -25°C in the freezer units, we had to pay close attention to ensuring proper preparation outside of the freezer units so as to minimize the installation time in the freezer units.’ The freezing temperatures don’t present a problem for the luminaries themselves. ‘Our luminaries have no problems coping with temperatures down to -30°C. Not a single fault has occurred since they were installed in 2014.’


Energy saving: Lighting only switches on if you are present.

Safety: The light level provided by the Luci Series Industry LED luminaries ensures optimum visibility, workability and safety.

Extreme temperatures: The LED luminaries have no problems coping with temperatures down to -30°C.