LUCI RGB luminaire

Would you like to be able to flexibly change the light colours and atmosphere in your rooms? And still experience all the benefits of LED, such as long life, low power consumption, minimal heat and optimum resistance to shocks, vibrations, dust and moisture? You can with the Luci Series RGB LED fixtures from Bever Innovations! In this innovative RGB lighting, red, green and blue LEDs are processed in one robust housing, so that any desired RGB colour can be mixed, at any time.

An optimal experience

Our RGB luminaires make it possible to adjust light intensity and light colour for special occasions. This makes the RGB fixtures very suitable for event halls, for example, where the lighting follows the theme of the event and ensures a maximum experience of visitors.

Also suitable for outdoor applications

RGB lighting is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, so that, for example, walls and façades can be illuminated decoratively and in changing moods. In addition to a façade in your company colour, you can think of orange lighting on Queen's Day and rainbow lighting on Coming Out day, making your company stand out even more in its surroundings. By using rectangular beam optics, you can light up exactly the right parts of a building. This eliminates light pollution and light nuisance in the surrounding area.

High quality, long service life

The RGB luminaire has all the advantages of the Luci Series LED fixtures, such as high quality, long lifetime and excellent dust and water resistance (IP67). The high quality LEDs guarantee a lifetime of >100.000 hours without loss of light. When the temperature of the LED board exceeds 80˚C, LIPS automatically switches on; the Luminaire Intelligent Protection System that ensures that the LED fixture automatically dims. Each segment of the board is constantly monitored for voltage peaks, temperature excesses and short circuits. In addition, the luminaires have a Light Normalizer that continuously measures whether there is a drop in light, which - if any - is automatically compensated.

Plug-and-play lighting

Where normally the conversion to RGB lighting requires many adjustments to the installation, the Luci Series RGB luminaires function plug-and-play. Drawing cables and addressing the light fittings is not necessary. All the technology is already integrated in the luminaires.

Simple management, also remotely

Each RGB fixture has 100 LEDs in a specific colour (Red, Green and Blue), which are mixed directly at the source and in exactly the right colour. Using the Bever Innovations Smart Technology app on the smartphone or tablet, administrators can easily view, select and adjust light colours, brightnesses and burning hours. Locally, but also remotely. It is even possible to adjust the light colour dynamically when motion is detected. In this way, aesthetics, visibility and safety go hand in hand perfectly.


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