Luci Series Industry

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Luci Series Industry LED fixtures are suitable for use in extreme conditions, like zones with various temperatures (-30° to +60°C), as well as dusty and moist environments and difficult to access areas, where working at a height must be avoided for safety reasons. All fixtures are easy to install thanks to our ‘Click & Lock’ assembly system. This can be done by an experienced engineer or in-house.

Product characteristics Nichia LED

  • 1 basic fixture (80LED)
  • High efficiency up to 120 lumen/watt
  • High reliability with high lumen packages up to 18,822 Lm
  • Light colour of 4,000 Kelvin (neutral white)
  • Guaranteed high colour (CRI 83+) in colour temperature 4,000 Kelvin (specially developed for industrial applications).


The colour fastness of the light means the various parts of your storage/production environment or cooling/freezing warehouse can be better distinguished.

The higher the CRI, the better the colour rendering

Lighting only switches on ‘if you are present’

All Luci Series Industry LED fixtures feature a movement sensor as standard. When movement is detected, the fixture automatically switches on at a pre-programmed light intensity, bearing in mind the temperature in the room, the amount of daylight and applicable health and safety norms. And, if necessary, surrounding fixtures can also be activated. Thermal shocks will be consigned to the past, as will voltage spikes in the grid.

If the temperature of the LED board exceeds +80 ˚C, AOP – Active Overheat Protection – is automatically activated to reduce the light’s temperature. In addition, the fixtures feature a Light Normalizer that continuously measures reductions in light output and, if necessary, automatically compensates for them. Light output remains constant throughout the fixture’s life-span (>100,000 operating hours).