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Energy saving to 90%, surely you cant say “No” to that

Extreme environmental factors, such as very high or low temperatures (-30 ºC to +60 ºC), humidity, dirt and pollution, but also fluctuating temperature zones, differing ceiling heights, places with difficult access and/or diverse light requirements per zone can make your lighting plans a big challenge.  Because how do you ensure that at every location, you can reach optimal lighting conditions, at every hour of the day? Flexible and fast, without your energy costs going through the roof? Bever Innovations offers a solution for this, suited precisely to your circumstances and requirements. Whether it concerns your warehouse, cold storage, manufacturing plant, office space or outdoor and parking areas. One standard lighting solution is certainly not enough! Every production environment, warehouse or office space has their own lighting needs.

Thanks to the colour-fastness of the light, components can be optimally distinguished, where personnel can work better and safer.”  »



Investing in healthier and productive personnel? Choose LED!

Light has a large influence on the well-being of people. It not only affects hormone and metabolic processes, but also determines our 'internal clock'. In situations where the natural daylight provision is insufficient – think for example about manufacturing facilities, warehouses, cold-storage and event halls – we offer our biodynamic lighting as a suitable alternative. Causing the wake-sleep cycles, heart rythm and blood pressure of your workers to remain optimal. Biodynamic lighting has a positive influence on productivity and well-being of the personnel. Good lighting contributes to the safety in your business, where the labour department have established diverse regulations. Regarding light colour, light quality and CRI index, no pre-requisite conditions are established, while these are so important. Our Industrial Luci Series LED fittings  therefore guarantee a high colour spectrum (CRI 83+) in the colour temperature of 4000 Kelvin. Thanks to the colour authenticity of the light, personnel can optimally distuinguish components in your manufacturing environment or cold storage. They can work work happier, better and more safely.

Our policy is to produce all our products entirely in the Netherlands and hereby to stay true to our involvement and social responsibility. This is how we maintain maximum control over our production, minimalising our CO2 footprint and whereby we can guarantee a short delivery period of maximum 2 weeks. From two local social workplaces in the Netherlands there are more than 300 people involved in different levels of the production process. A strict quality control system ensures that every step in the production complies to the highest standard.

When a space is entered, the lighting automatically switches on to pre-set light settings, taking into account the temperature and applicable standards. Thermal shock and voltage peaks are in the past”.  »



How do you see your ideal lighting plan?

Our Industrial Luci Series Industry LED fittings are easily installed via our 'click & lock' mounting system.Thanks to an easy connection with our monitoring system, the light fittings then form a wireless network, and can be tuned, managed and accessed via an app on a tablet or smartphone. All specific to your requirements, where the intervention of a programmer is not necessary.  Whether you choose daylight sensors, time sensors, connection with motion sensors etc, for single fittings or for a larger group of lights.

No question is too crazy for us. All intelligence is built into the fitting, whereby separate sensors and/or pulling cables is not necessary. The fittings act each as one component within the network and automatically send the  information about the surrounding lights through to eachother.  This gives a more stable and safer network than communication via an often overloaded Wifi network. And above that, it works without any internet connection, which also contributes to safety.

The LED fittings form an automatic and independent, wireless network, which is easily accessed and managed via the EOS Manager app ”.  »
 Manager Yard Facilities - Frans Voermans


Let your lighty shine in the darkness

Good visibility, reliability, safety and optimal work light  is required for the welfare of your personnel. With our lighting solutions, we fit in perfectly. Our Luci Series Industry LED fittings guarantee optimal light on your work floor. Thanks to the strength, sharpness and reflection of the fittings a uniform light output is also created.

With this, shadowy corners will be a thing of the past. With the clean white light and high colour perception of the light, components can be optimally distinguished, whereby personnel can carry out their activities better and safer. Thanks to the connection within our network, the lighting fixtures automatically form a standalone, wireless network that can be accessed and managed easily via an app on a tablet or smartphone. Also in remote situations. This offers opportunities to increase efficiency, productivity, as well as safety and well-being within your company.

Production lines and walkways, for example, can be optimized, also by connecting to an alarm, fire and building management systems, as well as retrieving and analyzing data and information from your system.

In the industry, lights are often mounted over machines, where eventually, maintenance and/or replacement becomes difficult. Bever Innovations offers a solution for this.

Our Industrial Luci Series LED fittings can be excellently placed next to the machines, whereby accessed and managed via an app on the tablet or smartphone. Also from a distance. This offers an increasingly broad range of optics sends light to the right places. This is how you kill two birds with one stone.

“ While stands are being built up, all the LED fittings switch on directly and
independently as soon as motion is detected. Stand builders have as such, optimal work light as and when necessary”.  »
Ben Broekmeulen - HEAD TECHNICAL MAINTENANCE - Brabanthallen 's-Hertogenbosch 



Maintenance free light, innovative and futuristic

All Bever Innovations products are produced in the Netherlands. A strict quality control system ensures that everything in production complies to the highest standard. Thereby all our products are thoroughly tested and certified before it is used in the market. It's not for nothing that we give a 5-year no-nonsense product guarantee on our fittings, as well as a 10-year guarantee on light quality.
*Our fittings have been agelessly installed at Shell, Esso and BP fuel stations worldwide, where extremely high-quality standards are set. Such as, for example, optimal reliability, light quality, motion sensitivity, and dynamic adjustability. To guarantee this, diverse intelligence needs to be incorporated into the fittings.
For example, when the LED's reach a temperature of (+80*C) on the computer board (PCB), the light automatically dims to protect the fittings and to prevent any compromisation to the lifespan (>100 000 hours). Hereby, the PCB is continuously checked for experiencing a short circuit, voltage peak and overheating. A light normaliser measures if there is a drop in lighting in which case it is automatically compensated.
Current performance and consumption statistics are at all times visible through the EOS manager app. For optimal insight and overview, at any moment of the day.

The Bever Innovations LED fitting has been successful at Shell stations for some time. An excellent reference, that convinced us"  »
John Kalma - HEAD TECHNICAL SERVICE -  Grolsch



Maintenance free light, innovative and futuristic

Together we create the best solution for your processes and employees, where we offer you the unique opportunity to test our LED products, in practice, free of charge! Because to experience it = to believe it.
We will not limit the practical test to one luminaire, we will test an entire zone or space in your facility - all depending on your wishes and requirements. Then you can experience the light quality, intelligent operating system, and our service.

"Bever Innovations suggested to not to proceed with orders , but to first test the luminaires. After a positive test, the end result of the installation is beyond expectation"  »
Michel Wanders - HEAD TECHNICAL SERVICE -  Roba metals b.v.


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