Dynamic, food-safe lighting for margarine factory Upfield

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The 125-year-old margarine factory of Upfield SU Nederland BV (formerly: Europe B.V.) on Nassaukade in Rotterdam was recently extended with the Upfield Research & Development Pilot Plant. This new-build accommodates all combined Research & Development activities for Upfield worldwide. The building was constructed and delivered as a turnkey product by D&S Process Solutions, which also took care of the installation engineering.
Including the lighting.

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“ D&S Process Solutions was looking for food-safe luminaries which could also be dynamically controlled. Our Luci Series Industry LED luminaires are the ideal solution in this regard’, says Jeroen de Jonge, Sales Director at Bever Innovations, Industrial division. ‘We supplied LED luminaries for the Pilot Plant, which were built into the ceilings with special mounting frames. Mounting frames that we would ordinarily use in the fuel-retail market.

All luminaires are fitted with a special, food-safe kit, resulting in a fully flat ceiling. What’s more, the embedded luminaries are shockproof, splinter-free and made of easy-to-clean material, ensuring they are fully compliant with the HACCP guidelines. Because it’s possible to walk on the ceiling, it will be easy for Upfield SU Nederland’s service technicians to reach the luminaries and clean them.’

>> Complete Case Study – available here >>

Industrial Bever Innovations Luci Lighting - Upfield Rotterdam