Super-yacht builder ‘Amels’ enhances safety on site with LED lighting

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Amels has been building world-class superyachts on the former Scheldeterrein site in Vlissingen, The Netherlands since 2001. To this end, the company (which is part of Damen) has a site spanning 12 hectares and encompassing production halls, dry docks and hangars, as well as a large car park and helicopter field, which were recently fitted with sustainable LED site lighting.

It was necessary to replace the perimeter lighting because the old gas-discharge lamps were extremely dated and failing frequently. ‘Moreover, the light output was inadequate, meaning we had dark, unsafe corners’, says Kees Maas, Manager Space & Environment at Royal Schelde Group (KSG), which manages Damen’s real estate in Vlissingen. ‘What’s more, switching to LED lighting enabled us to make considerable savings on our energy costs.’

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